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1977  Glen Arden, MD

Over 70 years ago our family gathered at home of Charlie Craddock after a funeral in Newport News, Virginia.  Uncle Charlie felt it was a shame that was the only time we got together.  He then invited everyone to his home the following year in 1939 on the third Sunday in July. That was the beginning of our gatherings.  Although the family did not gather during 1940-1944 (WWII), every year since 1945 we have met at various locations, including the Christian Family's backyard in Glen Arden, Maryland (pictured above).   We enjoyed fried chicken, potato salad, cakes, pies and all types of goodies, most of all we enjoyed each other.

Since then our family has grown substantially.  Our reunions have evolved from a one-day dinner in the backyard to a three-day affair in premiere hotels with banquet meals.  We now enjoy an entire weekend of festivities and fellowship.  It took courage, commitment and hard work to continue through the years.  We've come this far by faith and love. Uncle Charlie would surely be pleased to see that over 70 years have come and gone and we still gather annually, fulfilling his vision and dream.


At the close of each reunion we sing our theme song, "God Be With You." a tribute to those who are no longer with us, and hope for the well being of those departing for home.  May God continue to lift the light of his countenance upon us and give us peace for many more years to come.

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