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Chairman Address

I am Ernest Emanuel Craddock III, a 7th generation descendant of Abraham Craddock.  In 2015 I assumed the role of reunion chair following my father, Ernest Emanuel Craddock Jr's footsteps.  Since then I've made improving our family association a priority.  In 2011 we established our facebook page and I am elated to bring to you a new form of communication. 
We want the Craddock Reunion to be something that continues for many years to come but we can’t do this without you, all of you. My hope is to strengthen our family connection, increase participation and bond with those we haven't seen.  We miss and love you.

Outside of the reunion, I am a proud graduate of Virginia State University and George Washington University. I am currently located in the Washington DC area where I work as a software engineer.  In my spare time I enjoy recreational sports, live music, traveling and spending time with my wife Tachelle and sons Justin & Jordan.  I hope to learn more about you as well as we move forward as a family.


Ernest Craddock III



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July 19, 2024

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